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Starting an Outdoor Exercise Routine

It’s fall in Florida! People are outside for longer periods enjoying the cooler temperatures. Many decide to move their exercise routines from the air-conditioned gym to the outdoors during this time of year, and some start new outdoor routines. Here are some outdoor exercise tips for beginners and experts alike.

Location, Location, Location

Once you have picked the type of exercise you would like to do, it is important to pick the right location. If simple stretching or yoga is your exercise of choice, be certain to pick a location away from playgrounds or noisy streets. Flat, grassy areas near quiet trails are great for body weight training and walking or jogging. You might also consider incorporating both types of locations into your workout if you want to use a playground for step-ups or pull-ups or hanging leg lifts.

Don’t forget to consider space and shade, you won’t be able to enjoy the air conditioning of your gym. Be mindful of the temperature and have plenty of ways to cool off.

Starting the Routine

If beginning an exercise routine, it is important to first check with your primary care doctor to make certain starting a new exercise routine is right for you. Be sure to discuss the exercise type and location with your provider and may also be a good idea to exercise with a partner in the beginning.

  • Start slowly. Start with a brisk walk for a few minutes to get warmed up and your heart rate up a bit.
  • Take rest days to stretch. Listen to your body. If you have aches and pains at rest, take a day off to relax and stretch.
  • Build over time. Depending on your fitness level, you should be able to add more time to your work out week by week, not day by day. Be patient.
  • Stop comparing yourself to your younger self. No one is the person they were a decade ago. Remember that!  
  • Appreciate the fact that you are out there. Remember your motivation and practice gratitude for the fact that you can move your body.
  • Cool down for a short walk. Reflect and plan for your next workout.

Motivation for the Aging Body

Aerobic capacity declines as we reach our 40s, dropping by about 10 percent each decade after. Those who exercise regularly will still have more endurance capacity than sedentary people their same age, so it is very important to stay active, but know that you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to the person you were a few decades ago.

Don’t expect your first few weeks to be easy. Even if you ease into it, you should expect some soreness, especially at the beginning, but that’s okay! Limit your risk of orthopedic injury by taking it slow. As always, if you need to see an orthopedic specialist, we are here to help.

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