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Hand and Wrist Conditions and Treatment

Hands and wrists are essential tools that allow a person to work, play and perform the activities of daily living.  How well the hand and wrist work together depends on the integrity and function of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints and bones. Problems in any of these can affect upper extremity function, causing disruptions at home and work and negatively impacting quality of life.


Conditions Treated:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Finger
Wrist and Hand Arthritis
Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome
Ganglion Systs
Smartphone Tendinitis
Hand and Wrist Fractures
Wrist Sprains 
Loose bone fragments
Damaged or torn cartilage
Inflamed joint linings
Torn ligaments
Scarring within joints

Non-Surgical Treatment Options:

Depending on the cause of your wrist condition and its severity, your doctor may also recommend splints, wrist supports, physical therapy, or corticosteroid injections. In rare cases, surgery is necessary to treat wrist conditions and injuries.

Surgical Procedures:

Tendon Repair
Carpal Tunnel Release
Wrist Fusion
Trigger Finger Release
Ganglion removal
Trapeziectomy (removal of the trapezium)

X-rayed human hand. X-ray of hand bones