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Shoulder Conditions and Treatment

The shoulder is actually several joints that combine with tendons and muscles to allow a wide range of motion in the arm — from scratching your back to throwing a ball.

Since it is the most flexible joint in the body, a shoulder’s mobility may lead to increasing problems with instability or impingement of the soft tissue or bony structures, resulting in pain. A person may feel pain only when the shoulder is moved, or all of the time. The pain may be temporary or it may continue and require the proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Call us today if you are experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort.

Conditions Treated:
Arthritis of the Shoulder
AC Separation
Biceps Tendon Injuries
Cartilage Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Fractures of the Shoulder, Clavicle
Labral Tears
Multidirectional Instability – Atraumatic
Nerve Compressions
Rotator Cuff Tears
Shoulder Instability – Traumatic
Sports-related Injuries

Shoulder Non-Surgical Treatments:
Physical Therapy and/or Exercise
Anti-inflammatory Pain Medications
Cortisone Injections
Regenerative Treatments/Stem Cells or PRP
Chiropractic Care

Surgical Procedures:
Arthroscopic Surgery
Biceps Surgery
Capsular Release
Labral Repair
Rotator Cuff Repair
Joint Replacement Surgery
Minimally Invasive Total Shoulder Replacement
Total Shoulder Replacement Implant
Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing
Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR)

Shoulder pain treatment